Axedale GC report | March 25

By The McIvor Times

Saturday, March 21

On Saturday, 108 men and 21 women played a stableford competition at the Axedale Golf Club with thanks to sponsorship from MIVIR.


In the ladies’ event, the division one (0-22 h/c) winner was Di Wenzlau (19 h/c, 40 nett) from runner-up Joy Kennedy (11 h/c, 39 nett).

In division two (23-45 h/c) the winner was Annette Purdy (23 h/c, 40 nett) from Alison McCullagh (31 h/c, 39 nett).

Ball winners: M. Hamilton (36), E. Dorrington (36), J. Wilson (34) and M. Dunn (34).


In division one stableford, for handicaps of 0-10, the winner was David Ivey (9 h/c, 41 nett) on a countback from runner-up Lex Johnstone (2 h/c, 41 nett).

Third place went to Lee McCullagh (4 h/c, 37 nett) on a countback from Andrew Schaeche (7 h/c, 37 nett).

In division two of the mens stableford, for handicaps of 11-15, the winner was Rodney Threlfall (12 h/c, 34 nett).

The runner-up was Wayne Mildren (13 h/c, 33 nett) on a countback from John McCullagh (14 h/c, 33 nett) who secured third place on a countback from Paul McKenzie (12 h/c, 33 nett) in fourth place.

In division three of the mens stableford, for handicaps of 16-21, the winner was Rick Manley (21 h/c, 40 nett).

The runner-up was Derek Higham (21 h/c, 39 nett).

Third place went to Rod Jacobs (16 h/c, 37 nett) while Greg Henderson scored fourth place (18 h/c, 36 nett) on a countback.

In division four of the mens stableford, for handicaps of 22-36, the winner was Peter Stewart (22 h/c, 42 nett).

The runner-up was Ben Haines (26 h/c, 39 nett).

Third place went to Ian Stove (28 h/c, 38 nett) while Robert Perkins scored fourth place (28 h/c, 37 nett) on a countback.

Ball winners: D. Purdy (37), R. Thompson (36), A. Clements (36), D. Stephens (36), M. Filan (35), J. Richardson (35 on a countback).

Nearest the pins: 1st hole — division one: Lex Johnstone; division two: Di Wenzlau.

3rd hole, second shot — division one: Stu McGibbon; division two: Greg Hamilton.

6th hole, open — Peter Williamson.

16th hole, entries super-pin: Ben Haines.

18th hole — division one: Rod Jacobs; division two: Greg Hamilton.

Other Highlights

Birdie Ball: Rod Jacobs (6th), John McCullagh (6th), Tom Phelan (18th) and Lesley Poker (6th).

Hole-in-one: Di Wenzlau (1st).

Eagle: Stu McGibbon (8th).

Wednesday Ladies

On Wednesday, March 18, 33 women played a stableford event.

In division one, for handicaps of 0-23, the winner was Bud Winther (22 h/c, 37 pts).

The runner-up was Raye Fleay (16 h/c, 34 pts).

Third place went to Muriel Pitts (23 h/c, 33 pts).

In division two, for handicaps of 24-45, the winner was Anne McManus (37 h/c, 33 pts) on a countback from Eily Dal Santo (28 h/c, 33 pts), while third place went to Sue Minne (25 h/c, 30 pts).

Balls Down the Line: Trish Shanahan (33).

12 Holes: Dawn Creek (28 h/c, 21 pts).

Nearest the pins

1st hole, open — Kaye Osterfield.

3rd hole, open over the creek — Joy Kennedy.

18th hole — division one: Raye Fleay; division two: Ann Whiting; division three: Bernice Nihill.