Bowls teams look to rise above the Flat

By The McIvor Times

HEATHCOTE’S division three weekend pennant lawn bowls team has a chance to consolidate its spot in the top four when it travels to Kangaroo Flat this weekend.

Heathcote sits third on the Bendigo Bowls Division ladder and will look to stay there after its meeting with the sixth-placed Bendigo-based side.

Division six also plays Kangaroo Flat but will be the home side.

Heathcote sits fifth on the ladder and will need to play well to beat its second-placed opposition on Saturday.

All games of weekend pennant were cancelled on Saturday, November 9 due to the most welcome rain which fell all day.

Weekend Pennant Teams:

Division three — Heathcote vs Kangaroo Flat at Kangaroo Flat.

P. Zander (s), H. Dihm, B. Cail, B. Pumpa.

G. Speirs (s), G. Wilkie, R. Hanson, B. Kapoulitsa.

J. McGillivray (s), B. Taylor, K. Brown, G. Baker.

C. Morcom (s), F. Dimauro, H. Dawson, L. Morante.

Side captain: G. Speirs. Bus leaves: To be advised.

Division six — Heathcote vs Kangaroo Flat at Heathcote.

C. Cail (s), L. Speirs, G. McDowell, D. Dedman.

P. Cunningham (s), B. Kelly, K. Reader, B. Berger.

A. Perry (s), I. Hutterer, J. Hutson, R. Scott.

E. O’Brien (s), E. Knight, D. Kilner, D. Thomas.

Side captain: D. Kilner. Duty team: P. Cunningham.

Midweek Pennant results:

Heathcote played top team Bendigo at Heathcote needing a win but after a very close game went down by just five shots.

Heathcote 59 lost to Bendigo 64

Chris Cail 25 def. R. Reed 17

Eileen O’Brien 14 lost to H. Champion 26

Dot Cutajar 20 lost to S. Lord 21

Chris Cail’s team started well, winning the first three ends. However, by the 13th end their lead had narrowed to just a single shot.

Chris’ team turned up the heat on the 17th end winning six shots to ultimately record an eight-shot victory.

Eileen O’Brien’s rink also made a good start, leading by five shots by the 7th end. Eileen’s rink then struggled however, winning only five more ends to go down by 12 shots.

Little separated Dot Cutajar’s team from their opponents, with scores level on the 4th, 7th, 16th and 18th ends. Ultimately though, fortune favoured the Bendigo team who managed to snatch the win by just a single shot.

Midweek Pennant Team:

Heathcote vs White Hills at White Hills.

C. Cail (s), I. Hutterer, P. Cunningham, G.Speirs.

D. Cutajar (s), L. Speirs, K. Hamilton, A. Perry.

E. O’Brien (s), J. McDonald, H. Dawson, R. Hanson.

Tuesday Social Pennant Bowls:

The very popular Tuesday night barefoot bowls will start on Tuesday November 12 at 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

More teams/players are required. Any team or player wishing to play/register is asked to please contact the bowling club by email or by calling Peter Cunningham on 0418 304 259. They can also contact any bowling club member.

Social Bowls:

In hot and windy conditions on Wednesday, 10 hardy bowlers played three games of pairs and triples.

The winners were Hal Dihm (s) and Brian Berger (again) with three wins, 45 points, +25 shots. Runners-up were John McGillivray (s), Rod Hanson and Ralph Scott with two wins, 32 points, +1 shot.

The jackpot was not won and will be $90 today.

Coming Events:

Today: Mixed social bowls at 1pm.

Tomorrow: Pennant practice and club tea.

Saturday, November 9: Round four Weekend Pennant.

Monday, November 11: Round five Midweek Pennant.

Wednesday, November 13: Committee meeting at 5pm.