Juggernaut rolls over Saints Demons had all the answers in showdown

By McIvor Times

PLAYING the juggernaut that is White Hills, the Heathcote A grade netabllers knew they faced a monumental task on Saturday.

The Demons are a powerful team that scores heavily and lapses in concentration were quickly punished on the scoreboard.

Before the match Tyler Mckeown was presented with a bouquet of flowers for her 50th game in the Saints colours.

The height and experience of White Hills was obvious early with many Saints moves thwarted by clever intercepts and goals scored.

The first half was hard viewing as the team just not in the contest, only scoring ten goals in the first half as the Demons defenders blanketed our shooters.

The mid-court was working hard but with the rebounded ball coming out so quickly it was difficult to stop the White Hills forward moves.

After half time it was a more focussed Saints outfit and although the margin was considerable the efforts of the team kept the Demons respectable in the second half.

Chan Whiting was once again brilliant in wing defence and she played almost a lone-hand in defence against a tall Demons forward set-up.