You can see His love for us all | Opinion

By McIvor Times

PSYCHOLOGISTS tell us that we have three basic needs in our lives.

These are, the need to be secure, the need to have self-worth and the need for significance.

The need for security is the need to know that we are loved no matter what.

The need for self-worth is the need to know that our life has value and the need for significance is the need to feel that our life actually makes a difference at least to the people around us.

Even though we may not recognise it or be able to talk about it in these terms, these three things drive our behaviour.

The need to feel loved is so basic that if we don’t feel loved we don’t feel that there is much point in living.

Even those of us in the best of loving relationships still have to face the fact that death may one day end that relationship and so there is still a certain degree of insecurity.

When we look at the Easter story, we see God’s love for us expressed in the actions of Jesus.

Jesus could have pulled out of the whole thing at any time.

He could have called on the powers of heaven to destroy the people who were trying to destroy him, but he didn’t.

He chose to go through a sham trial with lying witnesses and he faced execution in the cruellest way humans have ever devised.

It was his love for us that made him choose to do that.

He knew that someone had to take the penalty of all our misdeeds and his love was so great that he never said “enough is enough”.

This is total unconditional love to give one’s own life for the sake of others.

This is the love God has for every one of us, and this is a love which is not affected by death.

It is possible to both know and feel God’s love in our lives and this gives us a security that nothing else can.

When it comes to self-worth, all we need to do is remember that God, in Jesus, gave his life for us.

That is how much he values us.

As for significance, God has created each one of us with a purpose.

We may not be a big shot in this world, but to find God’s purpose for our lives and fulfil it brings satisfaction like nothing else can.

 Bronwyn Jones — Uniting Church Heathcote