Who owns these leaves?

By McIvor Times

IT IS a simple question, but for two years nobody has provided a satisfactory answer. Not the council, not VicRoads — and Jeanette Howarth is tired of waiting.

Jeanette lives on High St across from the Echuca turn-off.

Two years ago she raked fallen branches and leaves off the roadside into a pile for the council to collect — and the debris is still there.

“Everyone seems to be passing the buck along and I’m getting a bit peeved off; council says I need to take it to the dump and VicRoads says they don’t have the money to pick it up,” Jeanette said.

“All this rubbish dropped by trees looks a disgrace to motorists, and we are at an important intersection, everyone sees it when they pass but the council doesn’t care.

“We are a little town that everybody drives through, and when you see all this rubbish on the way in — what kind of impression does that leave?”

Jeanette said she had reported the issue to the City of Greater Bendigo countless times.

“They tell me to take it to the dump, but I won’t because it’s not my rubbish, it’s not my highway and those aren’t my damn trees,” she said.

“I know a lot of people who live on High St will go out of their way to clean up the road and take rubbish to the dump, but I’ve had enough.”

Jeanette said in the meantime she would continued to add to the growing pile.