Holy Rosary school awarded $1 million grant

By Jared Prestwidge

HOLY Rosary School in Heathcote has made a massive stride towards its goal of making the school bigger and better for its students, courtesy of a $1 million grant from the Federal Government.

The breakthrough has been three years in the making, with the board having drawn together a master plan in 2017 in the hopes of re-configuring the school to make it more open and inviting.

Five new general-purpose learning areas are on the agenda, as well the remodeling of its administration building to make it more aligned with the rest of the school.

Holy Rosary principal Paul Dullard said the grant would help push Heathcote into the future.

“We foresee that Heathcote is going to grow . . . and we are catering for the next generation,” he said

“This is the biggest injection of funds into our school since it was first built.

“We drew our master plan up in 2017 and adjusted it and applied for funding all those years . . . and 2019 was when we got it right.

“It’s a great reward for all the hard work done by our school board and it’s a chance to fulfill the vision.”

The school board is set to spend the beginning of the year visiting other schools that are implementing similar projects to make sure they get the Holy Rosary plan just right.

And while a specific date for completion is yet to be confirmed, Mr Dullard said the aim was for the end of 2020 or by first term in 2021.

The design of the works is based around Holy Rosary’s philosophy of flexible learning spaces, and the reconfiguration will allow a team-teaching environment to best achieve that goal.

Mr Dullard said the significance of the grant being approved could not be overstated.

“We’re very proud that this is a school that was built so long ago with the good people of Heathcote, this is a continuation of that,” he said.

“It’s really exciting that a school of our size, competing with schools all over Australia, has been able to get this funding.

“This really sets it up for the future.”