Author tells kids, ‘It’s OK to be different’

By Vanessa Wiltshire

Pigs LOVE pink... or so we're told. Maybe that was true of most pigs, but Penny was different. She loved all the colours of the rainbow...

On Wednesday, August 14, students at Heathcote Primary School received a visit from author and therapeutic arts counsellor Lyndal Ihle, who came to read her debut children’s book A Rainbow of Fun.

Lyndal also undertook a variety of activities to help children explore the themes of the book.

“A Rainbow of Fun is a heart-warming story about love, courage and rainbow underpants," Lyndal said.

"The book tells the story of Penny Pig, who discovers that it’s OK to be different.

"Penny Pig learns that it takes courage to be brave and be herself. Sometimes it’s easier to do the same as everyone else."

Years one and two students enjoyed making a rainbow parachute, playing the rainbow drums, and doing some rainbow craft (re-creating Penny Pig with a pink paper bag).

Heathcote Primary School Principal Kate Ballantyne said the children thoroughly enjoyed Lyndal’s visit.

“We are so lucky to have had Lyndal visit. The students loved meeting an author and asking her questions about writing and publishing. They loved the activities, particularly the rainbow parachute".

What the students said:

Rhiannon: "I liked at the end (of the book) when they got the envelopes telling them they liked being different".

Jessica: "I liked the funny coloured underpants that Grandpa and Penny wore".

Liam: "I really liked the coloured funny undies".

Natalie: "I liked that the pink pigs loved pink. People can love different things".

Jemma: "Penny and Grandpa loved all the colours of the rainbow".

Luke: "I liked when Penny and Grandpa wore their rainbow undies".

A Rainbow of Fun is published by Potoroo Publishing with pictures by Queensland illustrator Leigh Brown.