Can you foster a furry friend?

By Alex Gretgrix

EVER thought about adopting a feline friend but you just weren't quite sure if it's the right decision?

Or have you ever wanted to lend a helping hand to those fur-babies who don't have a home?

The Campaspe Animal Shelter are on the lookout for foster families for their cats and it could be the purr-fect job for you.

“It's a program for both dogs and cats, however since our dogs get adopted so quickly we have found we have needed it more for our cats and in particular young kittens along with mums and kittens,” relief operations manager Alison Grey said.

People interested in helping a furry friend are encouraged to go to the shelter and begin the process to becoming a foster parent.

“We do a short interview, reference check and a property check to ensure there will be suitable housing available for our animals or in the case of dogs in particular we ensure secure fencing,” she said.

“If they are suitable for the program, we then do an induction.”

If you're worried about the costs of looking after these furballs, the shelter has you covered.

“We provide everything to the carer so they are not out of pocket as after all this is a voluntary role,” she said.

“We are always there for support or to answer any questions or concerns that they may have and if the need arises all vet costs are also covered by us provided they attend our contracted vet clinic.”

But it's not just the foster families who will benefit from the program.

“It’s a wonderful, rewarding and sometimes challenging program to be a part of but overall it allows for full growth potential and a sometimes quieter environment to raise young. It also gives respite to those who have been in our care for quite some time,” Alison said.

“It gives people an opportunity to experience having a pet who may not be able to commit full time or long term to a pet of their own. Or in some cases in can lead to a perfect match and the carer ultimately adopting someone.”

If you're interested in becoming a cat foster parent or want more information about the program, contact the shelter on 5480 3005 or drop in at 520 McKenzie Rd, Echuca.