Mama Mayhem

Oh Snap, Facebook is ‘lame’

By Ivy Jensen

THE latest criticism from my almost teen daughter is that I’m lame.

But it’s not just me. Anyone who uses Facebook is ‘lame’, she says.

You see, the new generation is all about Snapchat or Insta.

Hence how this discussion came about.

Ayla has been hassling me for the past 12 months to get Snapchat and I have been steadfastly refusing.

Well until she is 13 anyway. Which is only three months away!

I told her she was not allowed Snapchat or Facebook until she became a teenager. Even then I’m not so sure but a promise is a promise and we have had the bullying, inappropriate messages and safety talks.

But she laughed at me when I discussed my concerns about Facebook, saying ‘don’t worry Mum. I won’t be using Facebook because it’s super lame’’. And besides, it’s for ‘‘middle-aged people’’.

Wow, when did I become middle-aged? Well probably five years ago, but it still hurts to hear it.

Anyhoo, when I started scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came to realise my daughter may have a point.

Just have a look at your Facebook feed for a moment and tell me how much meaningless droll and attention-seeking posts you find.

You know those ones where people post a sad face emoji or check into the emergency department with no explanation; desperately seeking pity.

Or those people who post a highly filtered bathroom selfie photo — their faces caked with five layers of foundation — alongside the caption ‘I wish I was pretty’, in a flagrant attempt for compliments.

Or people who post every bloody meal they have eaten that day or how far they ran that morning.

Like honestly, we don’t care what you ate or that you can run!!

And how many of your Facebook friends are actually your friends?

Many are just acquaintances, but you can’t unfriend them because then it would be awkward next time you see them, right?

And if that isn’t enough, your feed is now constantly bombarded with ads.

And ads particularly aimed at you.

My feed is swamped with advertisements for miracle wrinkle-vanishing creams, age defying make-up for 40-year-olds, hair thinning products and afterpay. I mean, what is Facebook trying to tell me?

And that’s the other thing. Facebook is listening to everything I say.

The other week I was talking to my sister about her going to the JoJo Siwa concert with her daughter and guess what popped up on my feed later that day? You guessed it.

Yes, Facebook certainly has its downsides, but I’m not prepared to give it up just yet.

After all, apart from the breaking news, feature stories and interesting things my family and friends get up to that I actually use Facebook for, every now and then I get a chuckle at the utter nonsense some people are willing to put their names to.