Bridge Club results

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Yarrawonga Bridge Club report 

Bridge competition on Monday, November 5 was won by Jerry and Terry Browning with a great result at 63.88. 

Second place getters Tom Charters and Alice Murray came in on 53.70, followed by Helen Hollingsworth and Jenny Powell on 52.30, then Carol Henderson and Barb Presnell on 50.00.

November 8 was the second round of the President’s Cup with some very difficult to call hands. Winners were Jan and Tom Hackett with another good score on 65.27 %. 

Second were Pat Cooke and Jenny Tuttle with 55.55% and tied for third were Kaye Haebich and David Ware, and Jenny Powell and Helen Hollingsworth, both pairs on 54.16%.

Next week will be the last round of the President’s Cup. 

Good luck to all, the Hackett’s are looking good at this stage.