Hill Top annual tournament

By Tatura Guardian

Golfers from Gisborne have been coming to Hill Top for the Labour Day Weekend Tournament for nearly 30 years, and in that time they have won their share of trophies.

On Saturday, Alan Trimble and Ron Albany rejoiced in their four-ball win with 49 stableford points, and no Hill Top member begrudged them their victory.

Roy Hodges and Leigh Thornton were runners-up with 48 on a count-back from Ian Elders and James Ibbotson who headed the ball winners.

Others were: Ross Kelly-Bob Wildes 47, Josh Danaher-Daniel Maher 47, Peter Baird-Anthony Devine 47, Doug Burgin-Fred Andrews 47, Dale Clarke-Phil Panting 47, Travis Worm-Ty Guiney 46, Keith Fox-John Kennedy 46, Lou Villani-Joe De Ieso 46 on count-back.

Nearest-the-pin trophies went to Peter Collison on the third hole, Scott Perry on the sixth, Keith Stockdale on the ninth and Brendan Spittles on the 14th.

Lyn Fanning and Phyl Fiddes won the women’s four-ball with 48 points on a count-back from Bev Roberts and Mandy McGrath.

Robyn Downs won nearest-the-pin on the third, Lyn Fanning on the sixth, Elaine Dunk on the ninth and Robyn Butler the 14th.

In the ball run-down, Jenny Day and Denise Dunn had 47, Robyn Butler and Marlene Hodges 46, Sheryl Curran and Lyn Flett 45.

On Sunday, Nick Dehey and Keith Stockdale won with 48 points and Travis Worm and Ty Guiney were runners-up with 45 on a count-back.

Consolation balls went to scores of 43 and better while nearest-the-pin trophies went to Scott Lye, Angie Serra, Bill Ashcroft and John Keller.

Marlene Hodges and Robyn Butler won the women’s competition with 47 points and Robyn Tucker and Kaye Atlas were runners-up with 45 on a count-back.

Elaine Dunk, Lyn Fanning, Marg Barker and Bec Jeffers won nearest-the-pin trophies while Barb Nation-Gail Wootton had 43, Josie De Ieso-Heather Long and Janette Hayward-Jan Coe had 41 to each claim a consolation ball.

The 36 holes competition was an innovation promoted mainly by Julie Gregg and Elaine Dunk who chased up sponsors from near and far to provide generous trophies which were appreciated by the winners.

Alan Trimble and Ron Albany, with rounds of 49 and 44 hung on to win the 36 holes event from Daniel Maher and Josh Danaher who had 47-45; and Marlene Hodges and Robyn Butler with a round of 46-47 beat Phyl Fiddes and Lyn Fanning (48-45) on a count back.

The tournament concludes on Monday with results reported next week.


The stableford round played on Tuesday was won by Ryan O’Connor with 40 points while John Keller was runner-up with 39.

John Dickinson won nearest-the-pin and consolation balls went to Steve Haigh and Barry Dennis who had 38 points on a count-back from unlucky Graham Meneilly and Allan McGrath.

Visitors from Gisborne began to filter into midweek fields as the Labour Day Weekend Tournament approached but it was Hill Top long-time member John Fanning who produced the round of the day to win the chocolates on Thursday.

Playing off an 11 handicap, Fanning shot 77 to beat golfing mate/rival John Keller by three strokes.

Keller was runner-up on Tuesday with 39 stableford points and his 75-6-69 on Thursday to be runner-up once again had him shaking his head.

Graham Meneilly had 70, Joe Kawalko, Michael Downs, Frank Hill and Steve Whitting each won a consolation ball for their 72s.

Mat Longley twilight

Francie Mark was the best of the 45 golfers on Thursday afternoon with 43-26.5 and John Dellar was runner-up with 40-28.5.

John Steen won nearest-the-pin and consolation balls went to Brad Civiarella 30, Cheryl Curran 31, Ryan Butler, Scott Carter and Les Nation 31.5, Phyl Fiddes and Scott Lye 32, Mark Jenkins, Rocco Barca, Trevor Wootton and Noel Gorrill 32.5.

Coming events

More than 30 golfers paid $5 to take part in Golfers Revenge on Saturday with the winning name pulled from a hat able to nominate pin positions on the greens for the day.

Will the winner choose diabolical pin positions and send the field into a spin?

Or will he/she choose the safety of the middle of the green and avoid ugly confrontations?

Only the winner and the course superintendent will know as the winner has not been revealed.

Night golf has not been played at Hill Top for many years.

Perhaps the last time was when Adam Golightly scored a hole-in-one on the ninth which created a roar that was heard all over the course.

On Friday, March 22 a nine-holes event will be played and the field is already filled. With such popularity, we may soon see further competitions with groups wandering around with torches. At least the illuminated ball is more easily found.