So increasingly frustrating outcomes

By McIvor Times

THE match against North Bendigo was a continuation of a frustrating trend that is Heathcote A Grade netball, as another game that was there for the taking was allowed to slip through their fingers.

North has been a powerful team for years but they have come back to the field and Heathcote had the game in its keeping and simply did not want victory enough.

This year the team has been in a position to win at least three matches and on each occasion has simply not been prepared to take the initiative and guarantee victory.

During the past couple of years under Lorrae the team has narrowed the gap as a combination, with last year a number of honourable losses to show for the year.

Losing is a habit than can be hard to break as we go back into set responses as we are confronted by challenges and this has been the case this year.

We have led teams and allowed them to wrest control of the game without the desperation required.

This week the team faces Elmore on our own court and a victory is up for grabs.

The secret is whether the team shows the same commitment and intensity as coach Lorrae and as a unit demands nothing less than victory.

Winning is also a habit and we need to wrap up that first one to start a winning streak.