Heathcote golf

By McIvor Times

ON SATURDAY, May 11, 89 men and 17 ladies played a stableford event at the Axedale Golf Club which was sponsored by Bendigo Brake and Front End.

Men’s event:

In division one (0-12 h/c) the winner was Garry Harrop (10 h/c, 37 nett) on a count-back from runner-up Stephen Becker (8 h/c, 37 nett). Third place went to Andrew Schaeche (10 h/c, 35 nett) on a count-back.

In division two (13-17 h/c) the winner was Kevin Crawford (16 h/c, 37 nett). The runner-up was Wayne Mildren (14 h/c, 36 nett) on a count-back from Mike Fitzgerald (16 h/c, 36 nett).

In division three (18-21 h/c) the winner was Darren Hocking (19 h/c, 41 nett). The runner-up was Stephen Jeffrey (18 h/c, 37 nett), while third place went to Alan Clements (21 h/c, 36 nett).

In division four (22-36 h/c) the winner was Alex Medcalf (28 h/c, 37 nett). The runner-up was Peter Thomas (22 h/c, 36 nett). Third place went to Paul Blakely (23 h/c, 35 nett).

Ball winners: Derek Higham (35), Steven Lee (35), Edward Dickens (35), Allan Andrews (35), Brandt Fleming (35), Andrew Martin (35cb).

Nearest the pins:

1st hole: division one: Phil Brooks; division two: Ross Warrick (hole-in-one!).

3rd hole (2nd shot): division one: Bill Andrea; division two: Peter Stewart.

6th hole (open): Stephen Becker.

16th hole super pin (entries): Tony Murphy.!

18th hole: division one: Peter Williamson; division two: Derek Higham.

Ladies event:

In division one the winner was Joy Kennedy (13 h/c, 32 nett). Second place went to Raye Fleay (17 h/c, 31 nett).

In division two the winner was Megan McPherson (31 h/c, 36 nett). Second place went to Ros Yum (31 h/c, 33 nett).

Other highlights:

Hole-in-one: Ross Warrick on the first hole.

Singles Knockout: David Yum defeated Tony Strybosch 19th.

■ ON THURSDAY, May 9, 50 players took part in a 4BBB stableford competition at Axedale Golf Club, sponsored by Central Trophies and Gifts.

In division one the scores were so even that count-backs were required to determine all top four positions.

On a count-back, the winning team was Peter Elvey (14) and Owen Davies (27) who scored 45 nett.

Runner-up on a count-back was Graham Nielsen (30) and Noel Holmes (28), also with 45 nett.

Third place on a count-back went to Andrew Watson (20) and Eric Rogers (19) who also completed their round with 45 nett. And fourth place on a count-back went to Sam Bilardi and John Randalls (45), once again with 45 nett.

Ball winners:

Dennis Higgins/Brian Edwards (45); Tom Phelan/Mike Fitzgerald (44 on a count-back); and Ernie Lowndes/Dennis Boden (44 on a count-back).

Nearest the pins:

1st hole — division one: John Taylor; division two: Alan Clements.

3rd hole, 2nd shot — division one: Garry Harrop; division two: Rick Manley.

6th hole (Open): Tony Lindrea.

18th hole — division one: Roger Heider; division two: Jackpot (no winner).

17th hole Presidential Putt: Brian Retallick.

Encouragement Award: Division one: David Yum/John White.