Saints warm to new season

By Andrew Johnston

THE pieces are starting to fall into place for Heathcote’s senior football side on the eve of season 2019.

Numbers on the track are growing and the club is still adding new players to their revamped list.

Now, Wayne Primmer’s side is preparing for its first practice match on March 23 against Loddon Valley Football League side Maiden Gully YCW.

With an intraclub played in the past week, Primmer is starting to get a gauge on what his side will look like come round one of the Heathcote and District Football League.

‘‘There were some really positive signs,’’ he said.

‘‘We didn’t have our full group there. We played with about 14 a side which gave some of our younger guys an opportunity to show what they are capable of.

‘‘A few of the guys who are coming into this side are uni students who only arrived in February and haven’t had much time with the group, so it was great for them to get the opportunity to show what they can do.’’

Primmer said the club was continuing to build its list as the season got closer.

‘‘We’ve signed another two players in the past week and we look like picking up another three in coming days,’’ he said.

‘‘We will have eight or nine new guys coming into our club this season who can hopefully have a big impact.

‘‘We won’t be perfect in terms of numbers. If we cop a few injuries we may be in a bit of trouble, but the players have worked hard over the summer to get into great condition which will hopefully prevent them breaking down.’’

While the club has looked good on the track, Primmer said the hit out with Maiden Gully YCW will provide a clearer picture about where the side is at.

‘‘You only learn so much from an intraclub,’’ he said.

‘‘I haven’t seen a match from this side or this competition yet, so its hard to say exactly where we are at right now in terms of the rest of the competition.

‘‘We will know more when we get this practice match played about what our best line up is going to look like in 2019 and we will move on from there.’’