Heathcote golf

By McIvor Times

A TOTAL of 51 men and 13 ladies took part in a stroke (monthly medal) event at the Axedale Golf Club on Saturday March 2. The event was sponsored by The Squashy Girls.


In division one, for handicaps of 0-17, the winner was Fred Kath (76 gross, 9 h/c, 67 nett). The runner-up was Phillip Brooks (83 gross, 15 h/c, 68 nett). And third place went to Rob Taylor (84 gross, 14 h/c, 70 nett).

In division two, for handicaps of 18-36, the winner was Mark Kesper (83 gross, 19h/c, 64 nett). The runner-up was Rob Smith (91 gross, 25 h/c, 66 nett), while third place went to Steve Johnson (92 gross, 23 h/c, 69 nett) on a count-back.

Ball winners: David Purdy 69, Grant Fitzgerald 69, Brian Edwards 70, John Randles 71, Peter Richardson 72, Fred Dijkman (72 count-back).

Nearest the pins:

1st hole division one: Max Kettle; division two: Grant Fitzgerald.

3rd hole, 2nd shot division one: Robin Minne; division two: Brendan James.

6th hole open: Mark Kesper.

16th hole Superpin entries Brian Edwards.

18th hole division one: Steven Lee; division two: Bill Gaskell.


In the ladies, division one for handicaps of 0-24, the winner was Jan Walklate (86 gross, 17 h/c, 69 nett). The runner-up was Dianne Wenzlau (94 gross, 22 h/c, 72 nett). In division two, for handicaps of 25-45, the winner was Megan McPherson (105 gross, 35 h/c, 70 nett). The runner-up was Annette Purdy (100 gross, 25 h/c, 75 nett).


Monthly Medallist: Mark Kesper 64 nett.

Best Gross Score: Fred Kath 76

Womens Monthly Medal Qualifier: Jan Walklate 60.