Weekend pennant - bowls shock loss

By McIvor Times

Weekend pennant - bowls shock loss

Division 3

HEATHCOTE’S division 3 players took on Kangaroo Flat at Heathcote hoping to win in order to consolidate a position in the top four with the last round to played this Saturday. The 7th placed Kangaroo Flat outplayed Heathcote who were 3rd on the ladder, leaving Heathcote in must-win position in the final round.

Heathcote 90 lost to Kangaroo Flat 98

Brian Taylor 25 defeated J Fiswell 21. John McGillivray 21 lost to B Guest 22. Bill Gardiner 27 defeated A Dawson 24. Greg Speirs 17 lost to S Harling 31.

Brian Taylors rink made an even start but by the 15th end trailed by 9 shots. Brian’s team won the last 6 ends to record a 4-shot win. John McGillivrays team overcame a slow start with the game even and scores level on the 13th and 17th ends. Scores were again level on the last end however the team lost by a single shot. Bill Gardiners rink made a slow start and were trailing by 13 shots after 11 ends. Bills team were only defeated in 3 subsequent ends and after winning the last 4 ends the team recorded a 3-shot victory. Greg Speirss team made an even start but then struggled to trail by 5 shots by the 12th end. Despite their best efforts the team continued to struggle and lost by 14 shots.

Division 6

Heathcote 79 lost to Kangaroo Flat 95

Chris Cail 25 defeated B Duncan 24

Rae Craig 15 lost to D Martin 32

Alan Perry 23 defeated R Tonkin 18

Eileen OBrien 16 lost to E Caine 21

Chris Cails rink lost the first 2 ends but fought back to lead by 6 shots after 12 ends. Despite losing the last 3 ends, Chris’s team held on to win by a shot.

Rae Craig’s team won the first end but then struggled, losing the next 6 ends to trail by 6 shots at the 16th end. Unfortunately, the team were unable to turn things around and were ultimately defeated by 17 shots. Alan Perry’s team had a very even game with scores level on the 9th, 18th and 22nd ends. The team won the last 3 ends and went on to record a 5-shot win. Eileen O’Brien’s rink had an even start with scores level on the 11th, 15th and 20th ends. Sadly, Eileen’s team lost the last 4 ends and were defeated by 5 shots.

Weekend pennant teams:

Division 3 – Heathcote vs Golden Square at Golden Square.

C Morcom[s], H Dihm, R Hanson, T Aylett.

G Speirs[s], G Wilkie, R Anderson, B Cail.

J McGillivray[s], P Zander, B Kapoulitsa, G Baker.

B Gardiner[s], P Cunningham, H Dawson, F Dimauro.

Side Captain – G Speirs. Bus Leaves at 12.30pm.

Division 6 - Heathcote vs Woodbury at Heathcote.

A Perry[s], D Finn, G McDowell, E Knight.

E O’Brien[s], F Cutajar, D Kilner, B Taylor.

C Cail[s], L Speirs, K Reader, D Dedman.

D Anderson[s], R Craig, J Hutson, B Mathieson.

Side Captain – D Kilner. Duty Team – C Cail.

Midweek pennant results.

Heathcote travelled to Kangaroo Flat and in close game won by 1 shot to secure a place in next week’s first semi-final.

Heathcote 65 defeated Kangaroo Flat 64

Eileen O’Brien 28 defeated A Ferguson 14

Chris Cail 17 lost to N Berry 29

Denise Anderson 20 lost to B Boyd 21

Eileen O’Brien’s team started well, winning the first 3 ends and led by 8 shots after 13 ends. Eileen’s team then dominated, losing only 3 more ends to defeat the opposing team by 14 shots.

Chris Cail’s team made an even start with only a shot the difference after 8 ends. Unfortunately, things then took a down turn with the team losing 7 of the next 9 ends to ultimately go down by 12 shots.

Denise Anderson’s team also made an even start with scores level on the 8th and 10th ends. The game remained very close and despite winning the last end Denise’s team were defeated by just a single shot.

Midweek pennant team.

Heathcote vs Bendigo East (venue to announced later).

C Cail[s], D Cutajar, G Speirs, M Wright.

D Anderson[s], R Craig, L Speirs, I Hutterer.

S Vowles[s], E O’Brien, D Finn, H Dawson.

Side Captain – C Cail. Bus Leaves at 8.00am.

Best pennant players.

This Saturday, after the final round, the vote count for the best pennant players in the weekend and midweek pennant teams will conducted.

Social Bowls.

On Wednesday, in fine and cool conditions, 19 bowlers played 3 games of pairs and triples. Only one team won all 3 games and that team comprised Brian Taylor[s] and John Hutson (3 wins, 45 points, +9 shots). Runners-up were Smokey Dawson[s] and Jason Miles (2 wins, 32 points, +4 shots), from Rod Hanson[s] and Ellis Knight (2 wins, 31 points, +4 shots). The jackpot was not won and will be $165.00 on Wednesday February 20 (today).

Coming events.

Today: Mixed social bowls at 1pm. Thursday: Pennant practice and club barbecue. Saturday: Weekend pennant round 14. Monday, February 25: Midweek pennant semi-final. Tuesday, February 26: Tuesday night social at 7pm. Saturday, March 3: Invitation fours tournament at 10am.