Crunch games as bowls returns

By McIvor Times

BENDIGO Bowls Division pennant season resumes this Saturday after the Christmas break with Heathcote involved in some crucial matches.

Division three play Bendigo East at Heathcote and must win to remain in the four.

Division six play Bendigo East at Bendigo East and must win to get off the bottom of the ladder to avoid relegation.

Weekend Pennant Teams:

Division three: Heathcote vs Bendigo East at Heathcote.

D E Binney (s), C Morcom, H Dihm, E Knight.

G Speirs (s), G Wilkie, B Cail, T Aylett.

J McGillivray (s), P Zander, B Kapoulitsa, G Baker.

B Gardiner (s), P Cunningham, H Dawson, F Dimauro.

Side captain: G Speirs. Duty team: B Gardiner.

Division six: Heathcote vs. Bendigo East at Bendigo East.

S Vowles (s), A Perry, G McDowell, I Hutterer.

E O’Brien (s), K Brown, D Kilner, F Cutajar.

C Cail (s), D Cutajar, K Reader, D Dedman.

B Taylor (s), J McDonald, J Hutson, L Speirs.

Side captain: D Kilner. Bus leaves at 12.30pm.

Midweek Pennant Team

Heathcote v Bendigo at Bendigo.

C. Cail (s), D. Cutajar, D.Finn, M.Wright.

D.Anderson (s), R. Craig, L. Speirs, I. Hutterer.

S.Vowles (s), E. O’Brien, J. McDonald, G. Speirs.

Side captain – C.Cail.

Bus leaves at 8.30am.

Club Champions

The ladies club champion is Denise Anderson and the men’s club champion is Hal Dihm.

The Bowling Club congratulate Denise and Hal and wish them the very best when they compete in the district champions of champion on Sunday, January 13.

Social Bowls

During the Christmas break despite the hot conditions good numbers continue to turn up for social bowls.

Saturday, December 22

In cool conditions 10 bowlers played two games of pairs and triples.

The winners were Smokey Dawson (s) and Frank Cutajar (two wins, 30 points, +8 shots).

Runners up were Kelvin Hamilton (s) and Dot Cutajar (one win, 22 points, +4 shots).

Saturday, December 29

In hot conditions 12 bowlers played three games of pairs.

The winners were Greg Speirs (s) and Frank Cutajar (two wins, 1 draw, 36 points, +5 shots).

Runners up were Brain Taylor (s) and Lorraine Speirs (two wins, 32 points, +12 shots) the jackpot was not won.

Wednesday, January 2

In hot conditions 17 bowlers played three games of pairs and triples.

The winners were Greg Speirs (s) and Kelvin Hamilton (three wins, 41 points, +5 shots).

Runners up were Denise Anderson (s) and Alan Perry (two wins, 1 draw, 41 points, +12 shots)

The jackpot was not won and will be $75 today.

Coming Events

Today: Mixed social bowls at 1pm. Committee meeting at 5pm.

Tomorrow: Pennant practice and club barbecue.

Saturday, January 12: Round nine weekend pennant.

Monday, January 14: Round 10 midweek pennant, mixed social bowls at 1pm.