Huge win

By McIvor Times

HEATHCOTE Bowling Club’s division three team consolidated its place in the top four of the Bendigo Bowls Division with a huge 69-shot win over third placed Golden Square at Heathcote.

Heathcote 130 d Golden Square 61

Greg Speirs 33 d G Cronk 14

Deryl Binney 35 d S Egan 13

John McGillivray 26 d J Frost 17

Bill Gardiner 36 d C Murphy 17

Greg Speirs’ team made an even start leading by two shots after 13 ends. Greg’s team then took control, losing only three more ends to record a 19-shot win.

Deryl Binney’s team also had an even start and led by three shots on the 12th end. Deryl’s team then won the next seven ends to record an impressive 22-shot victory.

John McGillivray’s team won the first four ends and led by 10 shots by the 13th end. Despite the opposition staging a bit of a comeback, John’s team held on to win by nine shots.

Bill Gardiner’s team won the first three ends and by the 17th end had a huge 28-shot lead. Although Golden Square won five of the last eight ends, Bill’s team’s lead was too great and they won by 19 shots.

Division six

Heathcote’s division six team travelled to Woodbury and despite their best efforts were defeated by 14 shots.

Heathcote 76 lost to Woodbury 90

Sharon Vowles 13 lost to P Edwards 25

Chris Cail 20 d C Haplin 19

Denise Anderson 18 lost to B Hickery 23

Eileen O’Brien 25 d B Brown 23

Sharon Vowles’s team started well and led by three shots by the 9th end. However, things took a turn for the worse with the team losing the next 10 ends to record a 12-shot loss.

Chris Cail’s team made an even start and scores were level on the 11th end. The game remained close and Chris’ team scored a shot on the last end to win by one shot.

Denise Anderson’s team had an even start with scores level on the 9th and 12th ends. Denise’s team then struggled however, winning only three more ends to be defeated by five shots.

Eileen O’Brien’s team made an even start with scores level after 13 ends. Shots and ends were then shared with Eileen’s team winning the last two ends to record a two-shot win.

Midweek Pennant Team

Division two: Heathcote vs Woodbury at Woodbury.

C Cail (s), D Cutajar, D Finn, M Wright; D Anderson (s), R Craig, L Speirs, I Hutterer; S Vowles (s), E O’Brien, J McDonald, H Dawson. Side captain: C Cail. Bus Leaves at 8.30am.

Weekend Pennant Teams.

Division three: Heathcote vs Bendigo at Bendigo.

D E Binney (s), C Morcom, H Dihm, B Mathieson; G Speirs (s), G Wilkie, R Anderson, T Aylett; J McGillivray (s), P Zander, B Kapoulitsa, G Baker; B Gardiner (s), P Cunningham, H Dawson, F Dimauro. Side captain: G Speirs. Bus Leaves at 12.30pm.

Division six: Heathcote vs Bendigo at Heathcote.

S Vowles (s), A Perry, G McDowall, B Taylor; E O’Brien (s), K Brown, D Kilner, F Cutajar; R Craig (s), D Cutajar, K Reader, D Dedman; D Anderson (s), J McDonald, J Hutson, E Knight. Side captain: D Kilner. Duty rink: S Vowles.

Midweek Pennant division two results

Heathcote 83 def. Eaglehawk 59

Chris Cail 30 def. D Clark 24

Denise Anderson 24 def. C Patching 18

Sharyn Vowles 29 def. M Read 17

Chris Cail’s team made an even start with scores level on the 8th and 12th ends. Chris’s team scored six shots on the 24th end to go on to win by six shots.

Denise Anderson’s team started well and led by 11 shots after 13 ends. Although Denise’s team then struggled, they still won the last two ends and recorded a six-shot win.

Sharyn Vowles’s team started slowly but by the 14th end led by seven shots. Sharyn’s team only lost four more ends to record a 12-shot win.

Social Bowls

On Wednesday, in fine and hot conditions, 17 bowlers toiled away playing three games of pairs and triples. The winners were Hal Dihn (s) and John Hutson (three wins, 44 points, +14 shots). Runners-up were Eileen O’Brien (s) and Steve Hudson (two wins, 30 points, -1 shot) from Greg Speirs (s) and Lorraine Speirs (one win, one draw, 26 points, 1-shot). The jackpot was not won and will be $45 today.

Club Championships

The Heathcote Bowling Club, Club Championships will be played on Sunday.

Rae Craig will compete against Denise Anderson for the Ladies’ Club Championship at 8.30am on Sunday, while the Men’s Club Championship will be a battle between Bill Gardiner and Hal Dihn at 10am, the same day.

Coming events.

Today: Mixed social bowls at 1pm; committee meeting at 4.30pm.

Tomorrow: Pennant Practice and club break-up.

Saturday, December 15: Round eight weekend pennant.

Monday, December 17: Round nine midweek pennant.