Lions are putting in the hard yards

By Fraser Walker-Pearce

Preseason will resume this week as the Seymour Lions prepare for a tough season on the field and courts, contesting the Goulburn Valley League.

The Lions’ preparations off-field started just weeks after the 2018 season ended in September and, after preseason trainings were held in November and December, the playing groups broke for Christmas.

Heading up the football team this year are co-coaches and senior players Ben Clifton and Jason Cole, while the A-grade netball Lionesses will be run by Elle McDonald.

Newly-elected Lions president Gerard O’Sullivan said things were looking good for the club, despite only being in the early stages of preseason.

‘‘I think the co-coaches (Clifton and Cole) will really enjoy this season,’’ O’Sullivan said.

‘‘With the resignation of the previous coach last year we’ll be focusing quite heavily I expect on the development side of things.

‘‘The coaches for football and netball have done their best to get new players in, which can be a real struggle.

‘‘I’d expect a pretty good showing this year, depending on injury, which is the way it rolls, but I expect in the five netball sides and three footy sides it’ll be a good year,’’ he said.

O’Sullivan said with a few signings already named, fans could expect a few more for netball and football before the season got under way in April.

‘‘We expect more signings for both netball and football but it’s a bit dormant at the moment. Everyone’s still on break but they’ll be onto it soon.

‘‘The focus will be on development — we didn’t have an outstanding season last year but we can see things are improving and it’ll be good to have a strong football and netball side in the town,’’ he said.

After the Lions’ recent annual general meeting, the following positions have been filled:

President: Gerard O’Sullivan.

Vice-president: Dave Gregson.

Junior vice-president: Janine Cole.

Secretary: Gary Brown.

Treasurer: Ann Maree Gregson.

General committee: Craig Hockley, Craig Velt, Tony Best, Greg Edwards, Sonya Velt, Nicole Morgan, Dick Waugh, Dave Martin, Tom Martin, Janet McKenzie, Elle McDonald, Doug McLarty, Lyndel O’Sullivan.