Rochester and Colbinabbin primary schools hit the stage

By Kimberley Price

LOCAL children have been exploring their creative talents in recent weeks in the performing arts fields.

Rochester and Colbinabbin primary schools performed their school plays and wowed their audiences.

November 1 saw the children of Colbinabbin Primary School perform Elaine Keely’s stone age musical, When Fire Began. Set in the Neanderthal era, it is the day of the Feast of Fire where all the villagers celebrate the gift of fire. A fire has been burning and has protected the villagers from The Beast — an enormous dinosaur. Stonehead and his friends, Ag and Oghave, formed a rock band and really want to play, but Stonehead’s father and the other elders, have given him the responsibility of looking after the fire. Through a series of events, Stonehead and his friends must work out how they can play their music and reignite the fire.

Rochester’s performance of Under The Big Top last Thursday was a spectacular show.

The talented whole-school cast, and a cameo staff appearance, put on a magnificent performance of the circus-themed drama/dance production. The students practised all term under the watchful eye of Sophie Quinn, a professional dancer and choreographer from the STOMP dance company.

Set in a rural town called Rochester, a couple of bored kids notice the circus has come to town. The boredom disappears as the magic of the circus takes over.

Both productions showed off the many talents of the primary school students and their enjoyment was clearly evident, with huge smiles adorning their faces throughout the show.