‘Bleeding hasn’t stopped’

By McIvor Times

LAST week, the executive chairman of MMG Media, Ross McPherson, spoke to the ABC about the changes in local, national and global media.

Mr McPherson said that a study into local press was ‘‘desperately needed’’.

‘‘Globally the model for supporting local news is under considerable pressure,’’ he said.

‘‘It has been a massive change and I think that trend is continuing. The bleeding hasn’t stopped.’’

Mr McPherson told the ABC that part of the challenge was convincing people that news was worth paying for.

‘‘That has become a challenge in recent years with things like Apple News because people have become used to expecting news to be free.

‘‘Without independent reporting the available sources of news are just going to diminish.’’

Last year, the federal government committed more than $45 million to help regional and small publishers adapt to the challenges facing the news industry by establishing the Small and Regional Publishers Innovation Fund.

The three-year competitive grants program was designed to support regional and small publishers to transition to, and compete more successfully in, the evolving media environment.

MMG secured funding in the first round of the fund grants to create digital efficiencies through new technology solutions.

— with ABC Online