Saving a life with new AED is as easy as ABC

By Vanessa Wiltshire

A JOINT project between the team at Heathcote Police and the Heathcote and District Community Bank means that Heathcote now has a defibrillator that can be accessed in case of an emergency 24 hours a day.

Sergeant Matt Hunt said: “Defibrillators or AEDs are fantastic devices that are life-saving for people who have suffered heart attacks.

“It is essential that they are used quickly (within minutes) after an incident and this means they always have to be easily in reach.

“We approached the Community Bank for support and they purchased the machine. It is totally self-contained and located outside the Police Station (under video surveillance).

“Anyone can use it as it is totally automatic and gives voice instructions on how to use. In an emergency we encourage anyone to act fast, grab the AED and use it — it can save lives.

“Call 000 and they will support you as well.”

Stephen Trompp, chair of the Community Bank, said: “We have funded a number of AEDs for the Heathcote community as we know they are life-saving devices.

“We also recently ran a community training day, mainly to prove to people how simple they are to use.

“For the use of the community we also prepared a map of where to find an AED fast in town, that can be downloaded from or get a copy from the bank.

“This is the first AED that will be located outside and accessible in the main street 24 hours a day. We thank the local police team for working with us on this.”