Safest option is to talk about it

By McIvor Times

SUICIDE prevention is the major focus of a series of safeTALK workshops for businesses making their way across Greater Bendigo.

Bendigo Community Health Services is running the safeTALK project for the Suicide Prevention Awareness Network Central Victoria group with funding from the Victorian Government’s Pick My Project initiative.

Hazeldene’s Chicken Farm in Bendigo was the first organisation to host a workshop for staff. A Bendigo workshop for small business owners, employees and the public will be held on June 17.

Bendigo Community Health Services (BCHS) project co-ordinator Hannah Coghill said safeTALK skilled community members to recognise a person possibly considering suicide and respond by getting the right help.

“safeTALK works around basic steps for a person to follow,” Hannah said. “The ‘safe’ stands for suicide alertness for everyone. The TALK stands for tell, ask, listen and keep safe which will ensure you can confidently engage with someone who could be thinking about taking their own life.

SPAN Central Victoria chairman Rod Flavell said the Pick My Project Suicide Prevention Program was a great opportunity for the group to continue its work in the community.

“We host the Suicide Prevention Awareness Walk each year and this project allows the group to expand our work on a wider scale,” Mr Flavell said.

Anyone interested in getting more information about the Suicide Prevention Program or volunteer your organisation to host a workshop should email Hannah Coghill on or call 54481600.