Smiles and miles: Mum and bub join celebrations

By Vanessa Wiltshire

WHEN Rebecca Francis became pregnant with her fourth son, little did she suspect he would make such a dramatic entrance. At 37 weeks, Rebecca’s waters broke leaving barely enough time to call an ambulance.

“From go to whoa, we had 35 minutes,” Rebecca said. “When the ambulance arrived, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get inside in time.”

“Luckily I did. However the baby was born before the ambulance got a chance to leave the driveway!”.

With three sons in tow, Rebecca and her husband Mick were initially unsure what to call the baby.

“After you’ve had three boys, picking a fourth name is difficult,” she said.

“In the end we decided to call him Miles because he came out so fast”.

The McIvor Times met Miles and Rebecca at Heathcote Primary School’s Special Women’s Day Morning Tea on Friday.

Introduced by next door neighbour Jodi Warren, Miles is a happy, healthy baby, who is adored by his three older brothers.

The morning tea attracted 35 women, most of whom have children or grandchildren at the school. However there also were many ‘special friends’ and aunties.

Principal Kate Ballantyne said it was wonderful to celebrate the women of the community in their Stephanie Alexander kitchen.

“This event has grown from just a handful of people to a full room in a matter of years,” Kate told the attendees. “This says a lot about our people and the school. We are very proud of our culture. It’s lovely to see old families and new families chatting together. Thank you for the role you have played in our children’s lives.

“I would also like to acknowledge Clarissa Power, Michelle and Mikhaela Scoble. Without them this beautiful food would not have appeared.”

Down the road, The Holy Rosary School held its 54th annual Mother’s Day Luncheon for 60 people.

Up to four generations of Heathcote women and children gathered for a delicious three-course lunch, entertainment and prizes. This year, the event theme was ‘garden’, with the hall beautifully decorated in foliage and flowers.

The meal was catered for by members of the school community. Heidi Conway said baking and cooking commenced at 8am the day before, but that the committee and volunteers had started planning ‘‘six months in advance’’.

“This has been our largest group of mums helping out this year,” Heidi said. “We’ve had around 15 mums — and dads have helped to decorate.”

The menu started with a choice of two soups; pumpkin and leek and potato. Mains included chicken or roast lamb, both with vegetables. Dessert included lemon meringue cheese cake or white chocolate and raspberry cheese cake.

Principal Paul Dullard said the luncheon is the school’s major fundraiser.

“It’s about getting our community together. The kids are involved, the entertainment comes from the school. It’s a great day we come together to do.

“Parents set it up for months in advance, making it an iconic event. The money we raise is a great injection into the school. Last year the money raised went to new play equipment.”