Society could relight your artistic fire

By Vanessa Wiltshire

WITH over 70 community groups in Heathcote, it shouldn’t be difficult to find somewhere to connect.

But having an abundance of choice can be difficult; sometimes it’s easier to leave things and forget.

If you feel a hankering to get into the community and meet new people, the key may be to remember what you loved as a child. For many people, that is art.

It can be challenging going back to something from long ago: as we get older, our creative passions give way to more ‘practical’ pursuits. Self-consciousness develops and it’s easy to lose confidence.

But at a tranquil and visually appealing venue like the Heathcote Golf Club, your creative side may just come out again.

Members of the Heathcote Artists Society think so, as it’s the venue they’ve chosen to meet each Tuesday to practise their craft.

While there are some ‘serious’ artists in the group, president Iris McLean said that no one should ever feel they’re not good enough.

“We are relaxed and welcoming,” Iris confirmed.

“We meet each Tuesday morning at the Golf Club, from around 9:15am to lunch. There are 31 registered members, and we usually get about 12 come along each week.

‘‘People tend to come along with their own materials and projects, which can range from knitting, to drawing, and painting with water colour, acrylics or oils.’’

Mary Wallace has just produced her first children’s story book, Simon the Small Spider. It’s a combination of her own art and writing.

In terms of costs, Iris confirmed an annual membership is $30.

‘‘This provides access to a variety of art materials and subsidised workshops. There is also tea and coffee.’’

Iris said that occasionally, the society members go on field trips and visit galleries or exhibitions.

‘‘We don’t do that regularly, although some of our members participate in our annual art show, which is on the Queen’s Birthday Weekend in June.

“Above all, our group is about friendship and encouragement. After each art session, we usually have lunch down the road. Anyone that wants to give it a go can come along.

Contact: [email protected] or drop in to the Golf Club on Tuesdays after 9:15am.