On reflection this is a must-see exhibition

By Vanessa Wiltshire

THEY need not have worried, because the room was full.

A light and joyous atmosphere filled the dining room at Heathcote Winery on Saturday morning, as the sunshine carried a natural spotlight onto the works of art.

Friends, locals and tourists gathered for the “Meet the Artist” hour, which marked the opening of the Reflections exhibition.

Works are beautifully and simply hung around the room, showcasing the talent of six local, professional artists.

Each piece is borne of a singular theme, but the interpretations are as diverse as the artists themselves.

The event was deemed a success, with people staying well beyond the official finish time.

“We enjoyed a very relaxed hour,” said Elaine van Dyk, who is one of the artists. “Some of us extended conversations and stories further over lunch afterwards, it was great.’’

Elaine confirmed new works by the same artists will replace those currently on show and for sale.

“It’s our way of making art accessible to the general public,” she said. “While it’s been challenging for some of us to put our names ‘out there’, we have been really well received.

“Our art is for sale, but that is not the primary focus. We want to help drive the conversation that there is some serious talent in the area. It’s not just us. Like Castlemaine and other small towns like it, Heathcote should be known for its art, too.”

The free exhibition is at Heathcote Winery, 185 High St. Phone (03) 5433 2595.