Coliban tapping into reservoir

By McIvor Times

CUSTOMERS of Coliban Water in Tooborac and Heathcote had their raw water supply changed from Lake Eppalock to Caledonia Reservoir on Monday, December 17.

A spokesperson at Coliban Water confirmed that the change had been made to maximise the use of the water currently stored in Caledonia Reservoir.

Mr David Sheehan, executive general manager water, said that the change in supply has been planned for and should be implemented smoothly. “Customers are unlikely to notice a change in the taste or odour of the water,” he said.

Coliban Water confirmed that all drinking water is treated to a standard that meets the requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and Victoria’s Safe Drinking Water Act.

“We have tested the water from Caledonia Reservoir and we are constantly monitoring the supply and adjusting our treatment processes where needed,” Mr Sheehan said.

For more information contact the Coliban Water Customer Support Team on 1300 363 200 or email [email protected].