Emma puts it all together

By McIvor Times

HEATHCOTE’S Emma Black starred on Prime’s new singing show All Together Now on Sunday night.

All Together Now is hosted by Julia Zemiro and Ronan Keating and sees contestants sing to a crowd of 100 judges and attempt to impress them.

Emma, a talented singer and actress, found her way onto the show after an extraordinary number of auditions.

“I had auditioned for a few of these things before like X Factor and Australia’s Got Talent but never had much luck,” she said.

“Then with this I started to get through each audition in Sydney and eventually I was accepted onto the show.”

Emma is working on her talents full time now, with dreams of starring on the big stage in the future.

“It is really exciting, and it’s a little bit surprising how well that is going for me at the moment,” she said.

Emma, who is based on a farm just outside Heathcote, said it was a strange experience seeing herself on TV.

“I have seen myself on TV before, mostly on the news though and never on a TV show like this, so it was a little daunting.

“The whole experience was amazing though, it was great to see how it all works.

“Everyone is yelling at each other at what to do, the makeup artists, the lights and the cameras.”

Emma is starting to take big strides in her career, with this performance another stepping stone in the right direction.

“I always say the reason I want to be famous, or perform in big shows, is so I can be in a position to influence people to do great things and inspire people,” she said.

You can purchase Emma’s latest single, Easy On Me, on the CDbaby website and check out more of her work on her website,