Resuscitated Qld frog back in the wild

By AAP Newswire

The luckiest tree frog in the world has been released back into the wild a month after being revived by a snake catcher.

Townsville man Jamie Chapel gave the frog CPR after it was spat up by a tree snake he was trying to catch in June.

Unsurprisingly, the amphibian was quickly given the name "Lucky" after this back-from-the-dead incident.

For the past five weeks Mr Chapel has nursed Lucky back to health, feeding it and treating the wounds on its back with antibiotic cream.

"It's been a really good process from when he was first revived until he was basically released, he's gone leaps and bounds," Mr Chapel told AAP.

"The first 24 to 48 hours were probably the most crucial and then seven to 10 days after that to make sure once the wounds healed up there were no infections or anything like that."

Mr Chapel's unlikely rescue made headlines all around the world but he said saving the animal was just part of his normal work routine.

"It was a great thing to happen but I'd do it for any native," he said.

"It was sad to see him go but he had to be released in the end."