Natural way to better soils

By Country News

Growing a healthy crop can make or break any yield or harvest.

Focusing on a healthy soil using natural products is where Luke Harrington from Re-Gen Farming can help.

Mr Harrington, who is based in Deniliquin, has been studying soil biology for seven years.

He said Re-Gen Farming focused on soil health and biology, and the balance of minerals, soil life and soil structure.

‘‘We look at it as a whole and not just as one thing, like those who just look at chemicals,’’ Mr Harrington said.

‘‘By making the soil healthy we can grow a healthy crop or pasture, healthy livestock, healthier produce for human consumption and at a lower cost. We are the only business in the district which does this.

‘‘We don’t use synthetic fertilisers. We’re more into using natural fertilisers and natural phosphorus fertilisers which is better for soil and livestock.

‘‘By doing that we can move away from using a lot of insecticides, pesticides, and cut back on herbicides.

‘‘I use TM Agricultural to stimulate the native biology of the soil — that’s the starting point of getting a healthy soil.’’

Re-Gen was established two years ago and Mr Harrington has been a distributor for several companies that produce products that are better for the soil.

‘‘By doing that I can pick the right product to put into the right spot,’’ he said.

‘‘We now have the knowledge to be able to move away from chemical fertiliser and chemical farming without losing production, at no extra cost to the farm.

‘‘It’s better for the family farmer not to be spraying the chemicals around the kids.’’

In February, Mr Harrington will be working with scientist Dr Maarten Stapper on soil checks and talking with farmers.

To book a free soil check, contact Mr Harrington by email at [email protected] or phone 0427 138 100, or visit Re-Gen’s Facebook page.