Tyndall steps down

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Blighty playing-coach Jack Tyndall has called time on his coaching tenure.

The 25 year-old recently informed the club that the 2019 season will be the last of his current coaching stint, and made the announcement to his playing group at training last night.

With a mix of players leaving the club and injuries in 2019, the Redeyes have had a tough year on the track, sitting 10th on the ladder with just four wins for the season.

Tyndall said the decision wasn’t made based on the club’s form this year, saying he needed to take a break from footy.

‘‘I think most people realise that as a coach, footy is a 12 month thing and not just the six months of the season,’’ he said.

‘‘I’m travelling over to the US later this year for six weeks and wouldn’t be around for a crucial period of recruiting, so I felt the club should look for someone else to fill the role.

‘‘I’m looking forward to getting away and not having to worry about footy for a little bit.

‘‘I also want to be able to focus on my own game when it comes to playing footy next year.

‘‘I feel that my footy has already improved and that I’ve played with more freedom since letting them know of this decision. It was like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders.’’

The defender took on the role of head coach at the start of the 2018 season, leading his side to a preliminary final in his first year and earning one more year in the role.

Tyndall said he has enjoyed his two years in the top job and he was thankful for the club’s support.

‘‘I can’t thank the club enough for putting their trust into a 23 year-old to be the senior coach,’’ he said.

‘‘I have loved coaching and appreciate all the help the board and senior players have given me over the past few years.

‘‘I wanted to let them know as early as possible so they could get the ball rolling on recruiting a new coach.

‘‘I’m only 25 so I wouldn’t say that I won’t coach again but for now I’ll be taking a break.’’

Blighty have already started their search for a new coach, with president Michael Norman saying if all goes to plan a new coach will be announced in the ‘‘next few weeks’’.

‘‘We’re already in the process of finding someone new as we want to be ready for the next season as early as possible,’’ he said.

‘‘We’d like to thank Jack for the past couple of years.

‘‘He’s given it his best shot and unfortunately had a lot go against him with injuries and blokes being unavailable to play.

‘‘We’re very happy with how he went, because it’s a big responsibility to take on.

‘‘From our end he’s done a fantastic job and we have to give him a lot of credit for putting his hand up as a young coach.’’