Deni dominate final round of the season

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Deniliquin Bowling Club’s Midweek Pennant Division One finished the home and away season in trying conditions last Friday with a 38 shot win over Rochester.

Joanne Bovell led her team of Toni Brooksby, Joy McArthur and Jenny Tonta to a 19 shot win, 32 to 13.

Winnie Pattinson, Brenda Leetham, Fay Munnerley and Jill Grimshaw (s) were 15 shots up, 25 to 14.

Linda Harris led her side of Caryn Hillier, Lyn Smith and Dawn McCulloch to a 22 to 18 win.

Division Two finished their season with a loss to Rochester by three shots, 80 to 77.

Lindsay Franklin, Aileen Kennedy, Glenys Chessells and Robyn Little (s) had a great 18 shot win, 37 to 19.

Harry Lea, Tony Danckert, Barb Berry and Cheryl Bradley (s) lost by five shots, 30 to 25.

Steve King, Helen Anderson, Maxine Norton and Maureen King (s) struggled against a strong opposition losing by 16 shots, 31 to 15.

Division One will play Mathoura in the semi-final at Rich River on Friday. The welcome will be at 9am, followed by trial ends.

Teams are as follows: Winnie Pattinson, Brenda Leetham, Fay Munnerley, Jill Grimshaw (s); Toni Brooksby, Joy McArthur, Jenny Tonta, Joanne Bovell (s); Dawn McCulloch, Lyn Smith, Caryn Hillier, Linda Harris (s). Emergencies: Maureen King, Lindsay Franklin.