Heathcote’s ‘Post Office pup’ reveals beauty secrets

By Vanessa Wiltshire

Hello, I’m Honey. A little shy, but once you get to know me, I’m super sweet.

At 15 they call me a grand old dame. My hips are sore, and I’ve just been to the vet. They are so kind. I’m never frightened to go.

I’m not running around like I used to. But I still love eating chicken — it’s my favourite food.

My dad, Bryan, calls me the Post Office pup. He also calls me the cougar. This is a bit confusing, because I’m a dog.

My mate Indi isn't here, but he's a Cavalier Maltese too. Indi is quite a few years younger than me but that's okay, age is just a number. Dad calls us the pigeon pair.

Do you like my jacket? A customer knitted it. I love the aqua colour and it keeps me warm. 

At the Post Office, people love to stroke my fur and gaze into my saucer-shaped eyes. They’re always calling me gorgeous. I think it means I’m growing old gracefully.

Do you have chicken? If so, I'll share some of my beauty secrets.