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Priceless to us: Memorabilia stolen from Heathcote RSL

By Vanessa Wiltshire

AN ITEM of memorabilia has been stolen from the Heathcote RSL Hall.

President of Heathcote RSL Miles Humphrey expressed his disappointment and called for people in the community to keep watch.

"In money terms the bayonet is not worth a lot of money, but in sentimental terms it's part of our history," he said. "You can't replace it."

"Though perhaps attractive to a collector, nobody likes the thought of their property being taken, and our small sub-branch does not own very much," he added.

"Almost all items we display have been donated by veterans or their families (often upon their passing) or are owned by veterans and lent to the sub-branch".

Miles said the bayonet had been with the RSL for "some time".

"It is also a shame that whoever took the item went to some effort to conceal the theft as they placed another item in its place." 

Local police are investigating.

On an unrelated matter, Miles confirmed upgrades to the RSL hall toilets will completed by the end of the week.