Ten years since Heathcote Seniors and Reserves won the Premiership

By McIvor Times

It’s been 10 years since Heathcote’s 
seniors and reserves footy teams won the grand final. The township was is in party mode, with players celebrating well into the week, including an impromptu assemblage on the Union Hotel balcony. And there was plenty to celebrate given it was the first time the Heathcote Football and Netball Club had won back-to-back premierships at senior level and the first time the seniors and reserves have made it a premiership double in one season. 
In the seniors Heathcote 8 goals, 8 behinds, 56 points defeated Lockington-Bamawm United (LBU) 5 goals, 9 behinds, 39 points at Colbinabbin’s ground. In the reserves the margin was only 7 points, with Heathcote 6 goals, 9 behinds, 45 points defeating LBU 5 goals, 8 behinds, 38 points. 
In its edition on Wednesday September 8, 2010, The McIvor Times said it would be a day that would be long be remembered in Heathcote and District Football League history with the wet conditions and wild weather making for somewhat of a mud fest with players sliding for the ball, lots of ball-ups and kicks that could not travel 20 metres.
Sadly, Heathcote’s seniors and reserves teams have not been fortunate enough to bring home the flag since, and with Covid forcing the cancellation of the 2020 season, we can only look ahead to next year and hope the great name of the Heathcote Football and Netball Club makes an appearance then on the premiership cup.