Road signs will be moved

November 14, 2017

Public land . . . The sign on Police Track near Too-Rour in the Strathbogie Ranges.

A sign indicating that a public road is privately controlled will be placed in a more appropriate position, the company managing nearby plantations has told Country News.

A bushwalker reported the sign was placed on a public section of Police Track, near the Bonnie Doon road at Lima, telling travellers there was ‘‘no public entry’’.

It was among a number of signs erected by HVP Plantations, which manages a large area of pine plantations in the Strathbogies, to advise drivers of access restrictions.

The company has acknowledged that Police Track is a DELWP-maintained road so is accessible for public use.

‘‘We have experienced break-ins and damage at this site and have implemented signage and cameras in an attempt to stop this activity,’’ HVP Plantations external relations manager Lou Coutts said.

The company has asked staff to turn the sign so it is more apparent that the sign relates to the depot and plantation and not the road.

Nearby Lime Creek Falls, which is popular with bushwalkers, is accessed across HVP land.

‘‘There is a history of public access to, and council and DELWP promotion of, this location despite it not being on public land.

‘‘In recognition of this HVP will allow seasonal access.

‘‘We request any walkers go to the HVP website and undertake an online visitor induction and apply for an HVP Plantations Human-Power Pass.

‘‘As part of this process we make it apparent to any visitors that they are accessing a private working forest and they are responsible for their own safety and enter at their own risk.’’

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