Puppy Pre-School goes Online

By McIvor Times

Heathcote Veterinary Clinic is offering an innovative way for puppies to learn obedience and develop appropriate behavioural skills amid stage 3 restrictions – online puppy pre-school.
Classes are conducted via Zoom and cover all the important topics such as toilet training, grooming, worming, biting, and other behavioural issues. While all-important socialisation skills cannot be taught online, owners are encouraged to walk their puppies each day to assist them with learning appropriate behaviours around other people and their dogs.
But online puppy pre-school is not here to stay according to accredited veterinary nurse April Bergsma, who runs the classes. 
“The online classes are in response to the Covid-19 situation and won’t be replacing the usual puppy pre-school when life returns back to normal,” she said.
Local woman Felicity and her puppy Tessie have recently completed the online puppy pre-school program and found the sessions easy to navigate with high participation levels. 
Online puppy pre-school runs every Wednesday night from 7pm to 7.45pm via Zoom. The program consists of four classes and a sound internet connection is recommended. 
Anyone interested in enrolling their puppy in the online program is invited to contact Heathcote Veterinary Clinic on 5799 1922.