Urban Legend comes to Heathcote

By McIvor Times

Brendan Edgerton is an Urban Legend from Torquay who has travelled around the world in 300 days to raise awareness for Mental Health, suicide, and Breast Cancer.  
Ozero Hero and Call a Mate which appears on his bonnet is making everyone aware that road deaths and suicide an important talking point and everyone needs to be made aware of how real these matters are.   Brendan stated, “there were 1182 road deaths in Australia in 2019 and there are 3000 suicides in Australia each year.” Brendan believes this is preventable by building awareness all around the world. 
Brendan purchased his VN Commodore for a whopping $150 and has decked it out to look like the Blue Brothers. 
This $150 car has travelled all around the world, as in 2013, Brendan had his car shipped from Melbourne to Los Angeles (LA) where he flew to meet up with the vehicle. From LA, he drove across America for three months. Then he shipped the car to London and drove around Europe, then travelling to Moscow to Vladivostok, before returning home to Australia. 
Brendan returned home on exactly 300 days.  Brendan said, “It was hard yards, but worth it to know that my message is being spread all over the world.”
Moira Kelly is an Australian humanitarian worker and is also a close friend of Brendan’s, Brendan stated, “Moira’s charities is one of my favourites as every dollar raised to goes directly to a necessary cause.” Brendan will have her logo on his car soon. 
Brendan has also completed 30 pubs in 30 days around Victoria to raise money and awareness of breast cancer. 

By: Tanya Brnjak