Dump point change causes a stink

By McIvor Times

AFTER numerous locals expressed concern about a mesh cover being placed over the dump point in Barrack Street, the McIvor Times launched an investigation.

The dump point was constructed in 2008 so that visiting motorhome owners could dump their sewage easily.

The recent addition of a mesh cover has resulted in a messy affair — both at the dump point and online.

The City of Greater Bendigo council was first accused of putting the mesh in place, but the council does not own or operate the dump, or any dump points at all.

In fact, the mesh cover was put in place by the volunteer-run Heathcote Tourism and Development Inc and the Heathcote Queen Meadow Caravan Park.

The mesh cover was installed because nappies, wipes and other non-degradable items were being disposed of down the dump point.

This resulted in multiple instances of clogs forming in the sewer, causing water to back up the pipes into the caravan park, effecting toilets, showers and taps.

Heathcote Tourism and Development Inc chair Peter Maine said the group had no idea it owned the dump point until recently.

“Since its installation in 2008 new committees in the HTD and new owners of the caravan park have arrived; both didn’t realise who was responsible until about nine months ago,” Mr Maine said.

Because the HTD had organised, installed and paid for the dump point, it was the automatic owner and is now responsible for the costly plumbing bills being racked up by the dump point.

“We decided to temporarily install a mesh cage which is used to strain out large items from the grey and blackwater,” Mr Maine said.

“It’s only been there one-and-a-half minutes and everybody is screaming their heads off, so HTD have decided in conjunction with the caravan park to remove the mesh cover and instead install cameras and clear signage.”

Mr Maine said if people continued to incorrectly use the dump point it would likely be removed.

“It’s a liability to a non-profit organisation that doesn’t have any business owning it,” Mr Maine said.

More than $1000 has been spent on the dump point since HTD realised it owned it last year.