By McIvor Times

By Tanya Brnjak
The Porsche 917 is a sports pro-totype racing car, which was first developed by German manufactur-er Hans Mezger in 1970. The 917 initially had 520 horsepower and could reach 96.6 kilometres per her in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 400 kilometres per hour. 
Andrew Keiller, a Heathcote resident, first started building 
the first Porsche (LMK) 917 in 1998 with his son. The lovingly crafted and hand-built millimetre perfect re-creations first started in Melbourne. He previously had a workshop and residence in North Melbourne, prior to moving to Heathcote three years ago, where he continued with his passion. The idea of building an LMK 917, first came about when his son returned home from England with thousands of photos of a car under construction and believed they had enough information to build one themselves. 
Andrew stated, “I love airplanes and the LMK’s looks like a low flying airplane without wings, and this is what inspired me to start building one of these beau-tiful cars. Another reason which inspired me, when my kids were growing up, they put together toy versions of these cars”.
Building the LMK 917 started out as a hobby and then turned into a business, Andrew told The McIvor Times. He hasn’t built one of the cars for himself yet, but one day, Andrew would like to build one just for him. 
Andrew and his son have now built 28 LMK 917’s over a period of 20 years, and these have been shipped to various parts of the world, including Germany, USA, Austria, and many other countries. The first of their vehicles to be sold in Australia was completed last year and is currently awaiting shipment to Perth.
“It takes about a year to complete-ly build one LMK 917,” Andrew stated. 
There is a silver LMK 917 without wheels which has been placed in a Melbourne showroom on a wall. A number of these LMK replicas can be found all over the world, ranging from private collections, in museums and as registered street cars. 
Andrew and his son derive a huge amount of satisfaction from every stage of construction and enjoy watching the cars take shape. Further information about the LMK 917 can be located at: