By McIvor Times

It has been a long wait for locals to know what was going on, but a decision has finally been made. 
The dog park now has a location to commence construction. 
In July 2019 was when the talk first began about the dog park and several locations were shortlisted. After soil and water tests were conducted, the City of Greater Bendigo found that Depot Road were not a suitable location. 
The Council received around 200 responses from locals, Herriot Street and Depot road were the most desirable locations. 
The Harriet Street site happens to be the largest site, and is also close to the township, including the O’Keefe Rail Trail which is fantastic for the town. 
Existing parking, including a large amount of off-road parking, made the decision easier for Council.  
The City of Greater Bendigo has completed the design for the new dog park.  There will be a 1.8-metre fence, including two airlock entry points. There will be two separate areas for small and large dogs. 
Harriet Street location does lack shade, but the plan is to plant advanced trees, as well as planting additional trees which can grow into further shading. 
There will be a 2.4m drinking trough for the hard-playing dogs and a drinking fountain for us humans. 
The dog park will be great for all locals, including the locals who are unable to walk their dogs for any reason and for locals who don’t have the backyard capacity for their furry friends to run around and exercise. 
It is recommended if your dog has not yet been socialized with other dogs, to keep your dog on a lead until they become comfortable and familiar with the other dogs. 
The City of Greater Bendigo has recommended that when using the dog park, before exiting, that all your dogs’ droppings and any rubbish is removed from the area.  
The park will be great for the Community and allow locals to meet other locals.  It will be a great stopping point for tourists to allow their dog to have a stretch and a play. 

By: Tanya Brnjak