Students think outside the nesting box

May 04, 2018

Taemyn and William. TOOBORAC Primary School students will be helping out the local fauna this year.

TOOBORAC Primary School students will be helping out the local fauna this year.

By teaming up with local sustainability programs, the students will help to build nesting boxes and report on the phascogale population in and around the school grounds.

Phascogales primarily require hollows for nesting and the loss of hollows has dramatically affected the population of these animals.

A number of contributing factors have led to a decline in numbers, including clearing of preferred habitat, firewood collection, grazing and mining.

The students have been learning about the dramatic declines in populations of these native fauna, the impact of deforestation and how they can help by providing nesting boxes.

After attending the launch of the nesting box program, the students realised they could have an immediate and positive impact on the population in the local area.

Since learning about the species, students can now identify the animal and have found at least two deceased in the grounds.

Tooborac Primary School is one of 219 Victorian schools to receive a grant from the Powerful Youth Projects, in the second year of the program funded by Momentum Energy through its partnership with Junior Landcare.

Students will be guided by the experts in the field and continue to collaborate over the year, learning how to manage the boxes and make field reports.

“We are delighted to have received a Powerful Youth Project and can’t wait to start our project,” junior teacher Cheryl Ward said. “Hands-on learning is a powerful educational tool and we are lucky to have many eager and excited students who can’t wait to begin constructing our own boxes.”

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