Scholarships give purpose

April 12, 2018

Heathcote's Daryl Grubb and Louise Joy.

A YEAR ago Daryl Grubb had a realisation — after suffering from a few major health problems he knew he needed to find something that gave him a strong purpose.

Daryl wanted to help people, but he wasn’t sure how, but a reminder of a link between his wife’s great aunt and the University of Melbourne kicked him into gear.

“I started the scholarships last year when I was suffering from some pretty bad health problems and I thought to myself; ‘what can I be doing that will give me some satisfaction in my life’?” Daryl said.

“My wife’s aunt was one of the committee members at The University of Melbourne a while back, so that was the strong link and how I was drawn to scholarships for students.”

Daryl decided he wanted to give out a scholarship on behalf of his partner’s aunt, his father and his mother.

“All together I have four scholarships — I don’t like handling any of the money I just put it to the University and let them do all the dealings.

Daryl and his partner Louise Joy now run the Irene Mary Murray Scholarship (named after Daryl’s mother), Captain Walter Joseph Grubb Scholarship (named after Daryl’s father), Dr Adelaide Gertrude Gault Scholarship (named after former College Council member and Louise’s aunt) as well as the Daryl Grubb and Louise Joy Scholarship.

“I just want to be able to support young people in whatever they want to do with themselves at University, if my scholarships can help in some way then that’s great.’’

Recently Daryl and Louise attended a scholarship dinner night to hand out the four scholarships for 2018.

“If it was not for these scholarships that I have received, I simply would not be able to study at the VCA and live at UC — 3.5 hours away from my home town,” Jayden, one of the recipients, said.

“I get a great deal of satisfaction from playing a part in a young person’s development — and that is really something money can’t buy,’’ Daryl added.

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