Cheryl and Dave chalk up 25 years

March 08, 2018

Dave and Cheryl Thomas when they first took over Heathcote Rural Merchandise 25 years ago

CHERYL and Dave Thomas will celebrate 25 years of owning and operating Heathcote Rural Merchandise this week.

In March 1993, Cheryl and Dave moved from Dandenong to take over the business, which had previously been owned by Harry and Liz Lush.

Cheryl said after 25 years, she’s unsure if the time has gone fast or slow — sometimes it can be both.

“It seems like a very long time when you look back on it, but then again time flies when you’re having fun and we sure have had fun,” Cheryl said.

When the Thomas’ took over, The McIvor Times ran an article in which Dave said they were “looking forward to getting to know the people here”.

Cheryl said he anticipated correctly — it’s what they’ve enjoyed most about the job.

“The most rewarding and enjoyable part for us has been the people — the people you meet every day and what we have learnt from them and are still learning.

“The relationships you make out of a job like this mean a lot to Dave and I, some of them will last a long time.”

Cheryl was hopeful the milestone wasn’t going to attract attention.

“We were hoping it was going to just drift by,” she laughed.

While Cheryl and Dave have enjoyed their time at Heathcote Rural Merchandise, Cheryl did mention it hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

“There have definitely been tough times, it obviously depends on the season, but the whole way through we have tried to stick to the positives and think about the good times because there have been plenty of them.”

Here’s hoping there are still plenty of good times ahead.

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