Mia Mia Opera is officially a sell-out

March 07, 2018

Michelle Buscemi of the Mia Mia opera

PREPARATIONS are well under way for the 2018 Mia Mia Opera to be held at the Mia Mia Mechanics Institute on March 17.

All the tickets for the event have been sold and as Kate Hicks from the institute said herself: “There’s no point calling to ask if we can fit in just one extra one, there are no seats available.”

Performers Mattia Campetti and Michelle Buscemi are ready to go and Mrs Hicks said everything is finally taking shape.

“Preparations are going really well, it’s all sold out now and because of that, we have informed people who still want to see Michelle and Mattia perform of the closest places they can do so,” Mrs Hicks said.

Michelle and Mattia will be in Romsey on March 16 and in Mt Gambier on March 10.

Mrs Hicks said they had been “hopeful” this year’s performance was going to be a sell-out.

“Last year ticket sales were a little slow and then really ramped up at the end, this year we have had a steady flow of ticket sales and it has sold out as we were hoping.

“Although Michelle and Mattia are still quite young they have performed all over the world and we are very lucky to have them at Mia Mia.”

Mrs Hicks said she was excited to see the performance.

“It’s just an amazing event that luck really brought out way,” she said.

“After the show, Mattia and Michelle go out and mingle with the audience and it is really nice to see.

“It’s just great to know that people who are coming for the first time are going to be truly blown away by the performance.”

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