Here’s the skinny on horses so mini

February 28, 2018

competitors at the Heathcote showgrounds

ON FEBRUARY 4, the Heathcote showgrounds were overrun with horses and ponies, and not just the usual type.

The Australian Miniature Horse & Pony Registry (AMR) held a competition at the showgrounds and people from all over the state came to participate.

There were caravans all around the showgrounds, demonstrating the lengths that some of these competitors went to in order to take part.

AMR competitions are for miniature horses, miniature ponies, small horses, small ponies, little horses, UK Shetlands, American Shetlands and miniature donkeys.

Owners come together in a fun environment where they can chat, hang out and compete against one another.

The horses and ponies were judged in classes such as the halter classes, jumping classes where one can be disqualified, hunter class — a series of smaller jumps — and trail class, where horses and ponies have to negotiate a set course of a variety of obstacles. There are also novelty/fun classes such as costume, egg and spoon, sack, bending, barrel and flag race.

Shows are held generally once a month during show season, with new venues for members to attend. Heathcote’s grounds were chosen for their lovely condition and shade during summer.

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