What a way to learn the ways of water

February 28, 2018

Students at Holy Rosary School Heathcote take part in swimming safety

HOLY Rosary School is linking up with the Heathcote pool to help teach students the keys to water safety, and how to have fun while being safe.

Students have taken part in three 45-minute sessions at the pool, and school principal Paul Dullard said it is important all children understand the risks that come with water — but also how much fun it can be if treated with care.

“Holy Rosary Swimming and Water Safety program at Heathcote Pool has a strong emphasis on children being safe around all water sources,” Mr Dullard said.

“With our close proximity to Lake Eppalock as well as dams on properties, it is important for our students to have an awareness of safe behaviour while entering safe waters.

“While at the same time we also talk about how some water ways such as dams must be avoided at all times.

“In the pool, the children develop skills that can assist them to be safe and strong in the water.

“Our program is about awareness as well as developing our skills. Many of the children in Heathcote have had a fantastic summer, meeting their friends at our local pool.

“It is a great place for families to relax and allow the children to become keen and safe swimmers. The school has qualified teachers as well as Swim Australia qualified staff, and is proud to be supporting the local pool.”

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