We’ve bin telling council about bus stop rubbish, so why won’t they act?

February 16, 2018

Colin Carrington is among Heathcote residents demanding a bin at a Heathcote bus shelter, which has been covered with litter for months.

THEY’RE not talking rubbish — locals are demanding a bin at the bus shelter in front of the Optometrist Heathcote.

The shelter has been covered with litter for a number of months and locals have raised the idea with council but are fed up what they are calling “unsatisfactory responses”.

Robert Pumpa was the first to raise concerns in January, phoning council about the litter.

“It just comes down to cleanliness, we love keeping Australia clean and beautiful and we should want to do the same with Heathcote,” Mr Pumpa said.

“Often the whole seat at the bus stop is covered in rubbish and you can’t even sit down.”

Brooke Pearce, the City of Greater Bendigo resource recovery and education manager, said council had clear reasons for dismissing the claims for the bin.

‘‘The reason the request was rejected was due to the significant amount of litter bins that were available for the waste that was being generated by the business close by,’’ Mrs Pearce said.

‘‘The next steps will be to investigate the requirements further and monitor the area over a three-week period, which has already commenced, and once the inspections have been completed we will reassess the need for the bin to be installed. Our team have been directly in contact with the resident who logged the request and are working with them closely.’’

Colin Carrington backed up Mr Pumpa’s calls for a bin at the bus shelter and also contacted the council.

“When we contacted them the mayor replied and said that they will be monitoring the situation,” Mr Carrington said.

“Personally I think it is pretty unreasonable, I think they might be slightly reluctant to admit that they did the wrong thing in the first place with no bin.”

Mrs Pearce said when a representative from the council inspected the area the rubbish was nowhere to be seen.

‘‘A council representative who is permanently based in Heathcote three days a week inspected the area and the surrounding infrastructure. At the time of inspection there was no litter present at the bus stop, and it was noted that there are numerous bins within the United complex as well as a litter bin available directly across the road,’’ she said.

Mr Pumpa said there was a clear explanation.

“Marc Skilbeck from Skilly’s Tyre and Auto goes down there and picks the rubbish up, because otherwise the wind picks it up and it blows into his business.

“It’s not his job but he does it anyway — he wouldn’t have to if there was a bin.”

Mr Carrington believes it is hard for council to have a good idea of what is happening if they haven’t seen the rubbish at its worst.

“I feel as if they don’t really understand the situation — yes there is a bin across the road but when people are running late for the bus and there is traffic on the road it is easier for lazy people to just dump it,” he said.

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