Teams split the results against Harcourt

February 15, 2018

HEATHCOTE Bowling Club’s division six team travelled to Harcourt and defeated the top team by a massive 22 shots.

Division six: Heathcote 109 defeated Harcourt 87

Chris Cail 26 drew with J. Starbuck 26

Basil Kapoulitsa 36 defeated B. Buchanan 25

Denise Anderson 30 defeated K. Tribe 17

Eileen O’Brien 17 lost to G. Maddams 19

Chris Cail’s team made an even start with only a shot the difference after 13 ends. The game remained close and when Chris’s team lost a shot on the last end the game was tied.

Basil Kapoulitsa’s team started slowly with the scores level by the 12th end. Basil’s team then took control losing only 4 more ends to record an 11 shot win.

Denise Anderson’s team started well and by the 12th end led by 17 shots and despite losing the last 4 ends Denise’s team went to record a 13 shot win.

Eileen O’Brien’s team had an even start with scores level on the 5th, 10th and 13th ends. Shots and ends were subsequently shared; however Eileen’s team lost the last 3 ends to go down by 2 shots.

Heathcote’s division three bowls team played the top team Harcourt at home and were soundly defeated by 30 shots.

Division three: Heathcote 85 lost to Harcourt 115

Greg Speirs 20 lost to L. Maloney 35

Bill Gardiner 21 lost to T. Olsson 23

Brian Taylor 20 lost to S. Douglas 31

John McGillivray 24 lost to G. Maddern 26

Greg Speirs’s team lost the first 3 ends but fought back to lead by 6 after 15 ends. Despite their best efforts Greg’s team only won 1 more end and was defeated by 15 shots.

Bill Gardiner’s team played an even game with scores level on 6th and 8th ends. The game remained close with Bill’s team ahead by 2 shots after 24 ends. Unfortunately Bill lost 4 shots on the last end and the team went down by 2 shots.

Brian Taylor’s team made an even start but then struggled to trail by 10 shots after 15 ends. Brian’s team won the last 3 ends but the lead was too big and the team lost by 11 shots.

John McGillivray’s team made a very poor start losing the first 4 ends to trail by 14 shots. Admirably, John’s team fought back but lost the last end to go down by just 2 shots.

Heathcote’s ladies played third placed Kangaroo Flat on Monday needing a win to keep the slim chances of a finals appearance alive and recorded a huge 42-shot win.

Midweek pennant

Heathcote 93 def Kangaroo Flat 51

Eileen O’Brien 38 def G Gullan 14

Denise Anderson 24 def N. Berry 18

Chris Cail 31 def D Santon 19

Eileen O’Brien made a good start and by the 13th end led by 16 shots. Eileen’s team only lost five more ends and went to record a big 24 shot win.

Denise Anderson started well and was leading by 10 shots after 12 ends. Denise’s team kept up the pressure winning the last end to have a 6 shot win.

Chris Cail after 10 ends have a commanding 10 shot lead. Kangaroo Flat the won the next ends to draw level but Chris’ team steadied and went to win by 12 shots.

Midweek Pennant Teams:

Heathcote vs Golden Square at Golden Square

C Cail (s), D Cutajar, K West, M Wright.

S Arnold (s), R Craig, G Speirs, I Hutterer.

E O’Brien (s), J McDonald, D Finn, L Speirs.

Side Captain: C Cail. Bus leaves 8.15am.

Weekend Pennant Teams:

Division three: Heathcote vs Serpentine at Heathcote.

B. Taylor (s), C. Morcom, V. Keogh, B. Mathieson.

J. McGillivray (s), P. Mason, F. Dimauro, G. Baker.

G. Speirs (s), G. Wilkie, B. Cail, I. Ross.

B. Gardiner (s), R. Hanson, H. Dawson, N. Smith.

Side Captain: G. Speirs. Duty Team: G. Speirs.

Division six: Heathcote vs Campbells Creek at Heathcote.

B. Kapoulitsa (s), D. Finn, L. Morante, E. Knight.

C. Cail (s), K. Brown, D. Kilner, B. Pumpa.

E. O’Brien (s), J. McDonald, D. Dedman, K. West.

R. Craig (s), L. Speirs, K. Reader, T. Aylett.

Side Captain: D. Kilner. Duty Team: B Kapoulitsa.

Social Bowls:

The continuing hot weather resulted in Wednesday’s social bowls again being cancelled. The jackpot will be $200 on Wednesday February 14 (today).

Coming Events:

Wednesday February 14 (today): Mixed social bowls at 1pm.

Thursday February 15: Pennant Practice and Club BBQ.

Saturday February 17: Weekend Pennant.

Monday February 19: Final round of Midweek Pennant.

Tuesday February 20: Tuesday Night Social Pennant at 7pm.

Sunday March 4: IGA sponsored Invitation 4s at 10am.

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