It’s Owen to the rescue for bird trapped in pen

February 07, 2018

Owen Hudson saves a bird trapped in a chook pen.

13-year-old Owen Hudson saved a trapped bird on Australia Day

BRAVERY, kindness and compassion are characteristics many locals hold in high regard, and on Australia Day 13-year-old Owen Hudson showed all of these by saving a bird trapped in a chook-pen fence.

Owen and his mother, Jayme Hudson, were out at Jayme’s mother’s property in Mount Camel feeding the animals when they heard consistent banging.

“Mum has this old chook pen out the back of her place, we could hear the chook pen banging around and we didn’t know what it could be,” Jayme said.

“So we walked out and as soon as we saw the bird stuck in the fence Owen just ran over to it.”

Jayme said while at first she was a bit hesitant about helping the bird because of its size, Owen didn’t have any second thoughts.

Owen, who attends Kalianna School in Bendigo, definitely saved the bird’s life, according to his mother.

“It was around 35 degrees out there on Australia Day so I have no doubt he saved that bird’s life as the fence was really hot, we have no idea how long the bird was there for.”

Once Owen had taken his shirt off to use as a blanket for the bird he carefully removed it from the fence and released the bird back to freedom.

“He helped it out, covered up in his shirt, and then let it go up with the bird’s mates. They were all going crazy once Owen let him go.”

Jayme said that this sort of act from Owen didn’t surprise her, as she knows the type of boy he is.

“Owen has autism, and has always been known for having a heart of gold, I honestly think he would rip his shirt off if it meant saving anybody.”

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